Salute to Sanchez

Hats off to Freddy Sanchez!!!

For those of you who don’t know…. Freddy is the Pirates third baseman who is the N.L. Batting Champion. He’s the first Pirate to do that in more than 20 years. He got two hits in the team’s last game yesterday to bring his average to .344.

Here’s Freddy at our Healthy for Life Expo at the Convention Center about a month ago. I got two autographs for my kids. I wanted to stay there and chat but my daughter was FREAKED OUT my the GIANT Pirate mascot that was looming over us. YIKES! So I just snapped this picture.

I became a big fan after meeting Freddy’s wife at the hair salon just before the All Star Game. Her name is Alissa and she was so proud that the massive write-in campaign by baseball fans helped put Sanchez on the NL roster for the All-Star Game.

She was so nice and so proud of her husband. She told me how they were high school sweethearts, how their relationship lasted through all those minor league days, and how Freddie has such good friends on the team.

My son has a bobblehead collection going. I think they’re actually quite scary how they stare at me while I’m cleaning his room. We don’t have a Sanchez. Guess I’ll have to go out and buy one now.

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