Employee Photos

Now for a look quick inside the station… and our “mug shots” displayed on the employee identification board.
You can find your co-workers’ names, departments, and the year they started here.
Here’s my picture….

OK…. BORING!!! But much much better than the driver’s license photo I had taken today. I look like I was just released from a lengthly stay in the hospital.
Well, since then, the photographer behind the board, Ed …. has decided to step it up a notch.
He is photoshopping backgrounds now…. that give a little more insight into the employee’s personality.
For instance, Tim likes motorcycles.

Steve loves being a dad.

The background for Stephen Cropper…. an obvious one….. oh, it also lets you know he’s a lawyer… something you may not have known.

But my all-time favorite is this one: Dan…. our associate director. It was taken the old-fashioned way. Mike Clark and I worked hard for this one…. we moved around to make sure we were in his background so we could get on the big board twice. Sorry to ruin your picture, Dan!

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