Cup Cakes

The one thing I’ve learned about working for Channel Four is the saying “necessity is the mother of invention” is very true.
It’s best proven when cake enters the building.
You’ve heard us talk about the gazillion cakes we’ve gotten over the years. We are very grateful because the extra sugar boost comes in handy while we’re working under pressure.
Our station would go broke if it had to buy enough plates for all of those cakes… so we came up with a creative way to enjoy it. We take styrofoam coffee cups from the green room. The cups serve as both a knife and plate. We just scoop up the treat and enjoy. It works beautifully. Here are our producers to show you what life is like in the newsroom when someone announces over the intercom that “THERE’S CAKE IN THE GREEN ROOM!”

And so this is one of the great secrets of Action News: We turn all cakes into cup-cakes.

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