Mike Clark car crash!

Now, how can I leave Mike Clark out of this blog ? Seriously?

He’s a great guy and a great friend and he’s going to kill me for this… but here goes.
I’ll start with a mild one and work my way up in the future.

This is about the time we crashed on the Parkway East.

I forget how, but years ago, Mike broke his foot. I do remember him hobbling around everywhere. He wasn’t allowed to drive. Because Mike is the busiest anchor in town, he had a speaking engagement downtown at a luncheon. His wife, Terri, drove him there and I offered to pick him up on my way into work.

We were a couple of miles before the Squirrel Hill Tunnels and as we rounded that bend, traffic was stopped for some reason. I slammed on the brakes. It was early in the afternoon so the stopped traffic was a surprise to me. But an even bigger surprise to the guy behind me. He was driving a huge work van.
Mike and I heard his brakes screeching behind us. I looked in the rearview…. too late. We got slammed!
And the force threw us into the car in front of us.

The workman jumped out to make sure we were ok…. But I think he freaked out a bit when “Anchorman Mike Clark” got out of the car and started hobbling around. He thought he’d hurt, of all people, Mike Clark.

Mike kept hobbling around the car checking out the damage. The workman kept chanting, “I’m going to get fired. I’m going to get fired. I’m going to get fired.”

I just stood there embarrassed that everyone driving by us was frustrated at the holdup… and thankful no one got hurt.
The guy in front of us slowly got out and said “Bet you two didn’t think you’d *make* the news today.”

When I drive down the Parkway East there is rarely a time I don’t tense up as I check the rearview.

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