I have a confession about stealing something backstage at the Benedum last night.

I was invited to the beautiful opening night performance of Swan Lake. The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre is magical. WTAE is the official media sponsor for this season so I had the opportunity to welcome everyone to the sold out show. The thing I was most excited about was bringing my daughter, Ally to see it for the first time. Of course we brought some friends along to share in the experience.

Before the show I was backstage and got a chance to talk to some of the dancers. Right away, I recognized Alan. I had embarrassed him at a previous ballet benefit when he was forced to dance with me. Let’s just leave it at this: He is a pro… I am not. This is Alan:

Anyway, it was good seeing him again and I learned something new about him. He is known backstage for his homemade cookies. He brought in a big batch of chocolate chip, lemon iced, and peanut butter.
He puts them right by the stage and people munch on them.
I tried one of each. The chocolate chips were my favorite.

Then one of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Board Members started talking to me. He told me to take some to my daughter waiting in the audience with our friends. At first I said no….. I mean, Alan didn’t make these for *us*. But then he insisted. So I wrapped up a bunch and swiped them.
I passed them out to my daughter and friends… and boy were they a hit! I pointed out Alan to the girls and every time he was performing on stage they got so excited!

Dancers: Erin Halloran and Alan Obuzor
Photo: Ric Evans

So Alan, I’m sorry I stole your treats… but you now have a fan club!
My house now has our favorite Steeler, Pirate, Penguin, and Ballet Theatre Dancer!!!

Here is Alan’s bio from the PBT website: Alan Obuzor, a native of Pittsburgh, trained at the PBT School for six years. He was the proud recipient of the Princess Grace Foundation Honorarium in 1998. He started teaching ballet in 2002 and currently teaches with the PBT School. He also enjoys choreographing. Alan celebrates his seventh season as a company member.

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