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Who is this guy?
November 20, 2006

Stockey. Andrew Stockey.
OK folks, here he is. If you’ve ever read Andrew’s blog you know he has this thing about pretending to be James Bond.
Today he walked into the newsroom wearing his Bond suit. I have no idea where he was going… I just had to snap this picture to show you.


Where are you Dana Brown?
November 17, 2006

This is a shout out to our five o’clock producer who was recently given more responsibilities and moved up to another shift.
Dana Brown does a great job… but what I miss most is hearing stories about her puppy: Brokaw.
Dana… have a good show today! You’re doing a great job! Hope to see you again soon. ; )

The bobbleheads know
November 16, 2006

My son just told me that he’s asking Santa for a Jeff Reed autographed jersey and a Sidney Crosby autographed jersey. So I’m guessing Santa is freaking out a little bit because there’s no back up gift…. that’s all Zach wants for Christmas. Good luck on that one Santa. Think Santa could be charged with a crime if he faked an autograph? Ok. I’m kidding.

In a related matter… remember how I said I was working to get a Freddy Sanchez bobblehead? I finally did! I added Freddy to Zach’s collection…. so now when I walk in his room 20 little faces bob around. Tonight when I walked in I knew by shaking their heads they were saying “There’s no way Santa is going to pull that off this year…..”

Working out with Steelers’ Wives
November 13, 2006

Ouch! That’s the first thing I have to say about working out with the Steelers’ wives. Next let me say, I’m sure they don’t want me to keep calling them “Steelers’ wives”. They are wonderful women and major athletes themselves. So let me introduce them to you now:

We talked to Molly Tuman first. She’s Jerame Tuman’s wife. Four kids! We went to Oxford Athletic Center in Wexford where Molly is a regular. She’s been working out there for years. She loves taking the kickboxing class by Amy Buterri twice a week. Then she also puts on the gloves and boxes. She says mixing it up keeps her motivated… so she also swims and runs and lifts weights. She looks like a supermodel. And everyone who knows her tells me she’s just as sweet as she is beautiful. She told me even though Jerame works out all the time…. that’s not what inspires her to stay in shape. She’s always loved sports and this is something she does for herself. Molly says it makes her a better wife and mother if she takes a little time everyday to workout. I tried to follow Molly through her kickboxing class. It’s so tough! Then her teacher, Amy, showed me a little bit about actual boxing. It is a great stress reliever, for sure. Molly was a pleasure to talk to…. but the next morning when I woke up and couldn’t walk…. I didn’t think it was such a pleasure!!! ; )

The next Steeler wife I met up with was Jaimee Hoke, Chris Hoke’s wife. We went to the YMCA in Franklin Park. Jaimee is so nice and very down to earth. She seems very shy in terms of talking about herself… which made it all the more fun for me to brag about her. She does it all in the gym.. and when I talked to her she was just training for her first Triathlon. So we took a spinning class (A KILLER) she swam some laps (I DIDN’T. I WAS STILL HAVING TROUBLE BREATHING AFTER THE SPINNING CLASS 🙂 AND LIKE I’M GOING TO PUT ON A SWIMSUIT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA, RIGHT!) … and she also took me around the track with some crazy lunges while carrying weights. I should apologize for slowing her down so much. She was delightful and I hope to talk to her again. I’m not sure which part of her workout was the most difficult (especially since I skipped the swimming)…. Most likely it was the lunges that prevented me from walking up the stairs at work the next day.

Finally we caught up with a the Steelers wife who’s also a professional athlete. Cara Morey is married to Sean Morey and she is a hockey player. She played for a pro woman’s team in Canada! She was also preparing to go to the Olympics when Sean got the call he was going to Philadelphia to play football. She has so much energy I couldn’t have enjoyed talking to her any more than I did. Today she coaches for the Robert Morris Women’s team ( I didn’t even know we had hockey for women here). First I talked to her in the locker room. (SMELLY!) She told me how after she had her first child she started playing pro hockey again right away and had to NURSE HER BABY IN THE LOCKER ROOM IN BETWEEN PERIODS OF THE GAME! Then she took me out on the ice. I grabbed some gloves and a stick from one of her players and Cara showed me how to shoot. IT IS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS.. When the Penguin players were leaving their practice… they started heckling us. It was really embarrassing since I can hardly stand up on the ice. Cara was so down to earth and honest about herself and I just loved her.

I learned several things from these amazing women. First, find something fun to do so you’ll be more likely to stick with it. Next, set yourself a workout schedule and plan the rest of your day around it. Finally, it is possible to be beautiful, married to a Steeler, and be a down-to-earth real person.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Click here to watch the video of
Michelle’s workout with the Steeler wives.

Freaky Barbie
November 10, 2006

Take a look at this. It was the cake my mother had made for my daughter’s one year birthday.
She wanted it to be Barbie….. but as you can see… it was instead her evil twin sister, Freaky Barbie.
I love this ridiculous cake.
We’ve thought of a million sayings to go under the cake… none of them being “Happy Birthday.”

Why I love Mr McFeely
November 3, 2006

Why I love Mr. McFeely.

I remember the first time I ever met him. I had just started working at WTAE and was in a parade in Edgewood. As we lined up, I was an awe to see the car in front of me was carrying the world’s most famous mailman. Mr McFeely was the man to whom no other mailman would ever measure.

The parade started. Mr McFeely started handing out goodies of some sort to kids. So they’d crush his car… then as I drove by, everyone was walking away with their backs to me. I quickly realized no one even knew I was there. ; ) . When we finished…. Mr McFeely was standing at the firehall with his son. I got the nerve to walk up to him and say hi. I was as nervous as if I were still six years old watching him on television.

I’ve seen him off and on over the years at various events.
Mr. McFeely also made my co-worker’s wedding even more memorable by bursting in the back door with a “speedy delivery” of the wedding rings when the groom “lost them.”

But this year I saw first hand why his support of children goes beyond his costume and television show. He was wonderful to my daughter. I took her to the Healthy for Life expo with me to sign autographs. I try to bring my children to as many events as I can. I say I want to broaden their horizons but the honest truth is I just love being with them.

But right when we walked in the door…. the giant giant giant Pittsburgh Pirates mascot THE GIANT PIRATE HIMSELF greeted us. Not good for Ally. She was terrified. I mean, look at the guy! But it didn’t end there. While we were at the channel four table strange puppet people started parading by us. Very cool. Very freaky. They were three times as big as a normal human. Ally jumped under the table to hide. As viewers walked up to say hi, what they didn’t know is my six year old was clinging to my leg under the tablecloth.

Mr McFeely happened to be there as well. He spotted what was happening under my table and walked over. He knew just how to calmly handle the situation. He started talking to Ally. She was still scared. I asked him to sign one of his pictures for her. He did.

Then he did something that turned things around for us that day. He asked her for *her* autograph. She couldn’t believe it. She took one of my photos and signed her name. She even added a heart and star for her favorite mailman. Then she giggled.

Mr McFeely has since written us a letter telling Ally how much he appreciated her autograph. She has it hanging up in her room.

It’s true he’s able to track us down because I work here at WTAE. But I’ve seen him at so many events over the years and he’s always that nice to every single kid. That’s why his autograph lines are always so long. He helped turn a panicked situation for us into a memory Ally always will treasure. At that moment she was the luckiest little girl in the world.

Funny Video
November 1, 2006

A friend sent me this video. I think it’s funny.