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Polar Express
December 20, 2006

What a cool time we had at the Breakfast Express at the Carnegie Science Center December 9th!
We had a great breakfast… before heading into the Omnimax. I got the chance to read the Polar Express to everyone…and then we got to watch the Polar Express movie on the big screen. It was an amazing movie to experience at the Omnimax. When the train was going up and down the hillside I felt like I was onboard, too. And the scene where the bird has the ticket and is flying around made me feel like I was floating.
Then we got a tour of the train exhibit. How cool!
We’ll be making that a part of our annual holiday fun.
Here’s a picture of Meghan, Conductor Mike, Hannah, and Ally.

all i want for christmas is my……
December 20, 2006

Guess what Ally now wants for Christmas?

Mother Daughter Tea
December 17, 2006

I had a great time last weekend at the Mother-Daughter Tea.
The History Center hosted the event and it was so special to see so many mothers and their daughters together learning about the importance women have made in history.
We went behinds the scenes of the First Lady exhibit and I hope my daughter learned that even though women are now getting more recognition for their service…. women have always played an important role in keeping our country on track.
We got a chance to design our own White House china. Here we are with our dear friends Gail and Trinity. Gail is from England so her cute accent was perfect at the tea!

We also got to meet Mary Todd Lincoln. Ally was sad to hear her husband died.

Mrs. Lincoln didn’t take any lip from the soldier there with us ; ) They got into a huge argument about her spending money on 900 pieces of china during the war when the soliders needed food and supplies.

The tea was yummy and they also had lots of goodies. The Common Plea catered the tea and they have the best blueberry scones I’ve ever tasted. I’ve never been to the restaurant but I’m going now to try the rest of their food just because the scones were so good!

Speaking of mothers and daughters… here’s a quick clarification for my mother who had no idea what I was talking about in my Fallingwater post.
She didn’t recognize the picture of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie…. She thought I was invited to a party there and workers kept fussing at me to stop touching things.

Mom, I wish I were invited to the Brangelinia party! Angelina set the whole thing up for his birthday. Turns out, Brad is into Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. They flew in on a private jet and got a personal tour of the place. Then they had a little birthday party in the living room with champagne and caviar before they flew out the same day.

The crew at Fallingwater said they were very polite and Brad was an “architecture geek.”

So Mom, I hope it makes a little more sense now.

Let’s review:
I’m still not cool enough to score an invite.
We need to step up the Dairy Queen ice cream birthday cake I ask for every year.

Santa at my house
December 15, 2006

Santa just drove by my house!

He had quite a getup.

He was on the back of a huge truck. Driving in front of Santa’s truck was a small firetruck escorting him with its lights on. A bright spotlight was shining on him. Check out Rudolph. He had a sound system with a mic for him and Christmas music blaring.

We heard him coming from blocks away.

We waited at the front door for him. When Zach spotted the headlights of the firetruck…. he went running to the street to say hello.

But about four houses before our house…. Santa made a left turn onto another street. Zach and Ally were crushed.

But since Santa knows all …. of course he looped back around to us.

It even gave me time to grab my camera.

See you in about a week, Santa!

Control Room Pix
December 13, 2006

And here is my last picture of behind the scenes of Bundle Up.
Producer Connie Stewart (who’s been on my blog before) and Director Bob Watt again in the control room trying to make sure everything gets on the air. They worked non-stop all day.

Thanks for everyone who worked so hard to get the show on…. and especially thanks to you at home who donated to a wonderful cause!
Next time I’m going to share my pictures of the Breakfast Express at the Carnegie Science Center and the Mother-Daughter Tea!

Director Bob Watt
December 13, 2006

A few more pictures for you to enjoy.

This is Bob Watt. He’s a wonderful director who always does a great job. He’s our most experienced director and things at WTAE wouldn’t be the same without him. His job everyday is to make sure everything is in place for the newscast and he is in charge during the show.
He directs most of our specials.. including the telethon. … He’s also in a cool band and I have gone to see him many many times.
Great working with you Bob!

More behind the scenes of Bundle Up
December 13, 2006

Here are Dan and Sally and on the left is Tom Scholl, a great director. Tom has a wonderful and dry sense of humor. He doesn’t say much during the show because he’s a perfectionist. And, let’s face it, keeping the anchors in line isn’t easy. But when he does say something it’s always a homerun. Many times Mike Clark and I have had a hard time keeping a straight face reading the news after one of Tom’s comments.

More Pix
December 13, 2006

Dan and Sally talking to the Salvation Army Volunteers

Bundle Up
December 12, 2006

Thank you for donating to Project Bundle up! We had a great time Friday night at the telethon and Western Pennsylvania came through in a wonderful way. Here is a couple of behind the scenes shots of the telethon. Here is Sally getting ready to go live. The guy on the left is Dan Henninger. He does so much at the station and he deserves so much credit. Dan was honored Friday night with the Salvation Army’s Service Award. It was a well-deserved honor. Dan produces the telethon and the auction every year. He also does a lot of the Steelers specials and he was on scene with me during our 9-11 coverage and the Quecreek Mine rescue. He does so much and he always has a great attitude. I’ve never seen him get upset or act frustrated no matter how crazy things get. Great job Dan!
I have some more pictures I’ll put up soon. But I just looked at the time… and I have to get ready for work now! Check back later and I’ll put up some more shots of Sally… and some pictures from the control room.
Also be sure to check out Don’s recipe blog. What a great idea! And when you go there send him a note to make me some of that good food. Thanks!

December 9, 2006

I have so much to write about: Project Bundle Up, The Breakfast Express at the Carnegie Science Center, and the Mother-Daughter Tea at the History Center. All of them were great events and I took pictures which I’ll share soon.

But for now, I wanted to put this up on my blog. Nothing much to add except that I have been to Fallingwater, too. I did not have the caviar and champagne in the living room. In fact, I remember my docent warning me not to touch anything. But I’m glad Brad got a birthday gift here. And even though I was not invited to the party, I feel a little connection with Brangelina since I’ve been in that very spot…. and been amazed at the wonder of Fallingwater.

Makeup Help
December 8, 2006

Many of you ask about our makeup. Several months out of the year we have a wonderful makeup artist come to the station and help us look better than we deserve.
This is Cheryl Haus, the creative force behind our faces. I like to use Mac products which you can get at Macy’s. I also like Joe Blasco’s foundation which I have to special order.
Not only can she work wonders on how we look…. she’s a wonderful person.
Thanks Cheryl!

North Pole News
December 7, 2006

Breaking news from the North Pole: Some of you who read this blog called in and wrote in to tell Santa that all he had to do is go to and get whatever jersey you want … even if the Steelers don’t offer it. So Santa won’t disappoint an eight year old Jeff Reed fan after all.
Also this just in: Santa’s eBay purchase arrived…. no problems at all. Again thank you to Ann, the West Virginia elf for her help with Ally’s gift.
Now if I could just think of something to get my parents.

Alternative to Reed
December 6, 2006

Hey, here’s an alternative to the Jeff Reed away jersey that my son wants for Christmas I haven’t been able to find. Some guy is selling this on eBay. Can you imagine? Zach was planning on wearing the *away* jersey to school. (He already wears the Reed home jersey a lot).
Instead, Zach could take Jeff along to school. He could eat lunch with Jeff…. play kickball with Jeff….. Jeff could cheat off Zach’s spelling test. Good idea?

eBay Christmas
December 6, 2006

First let me say that Santa is a little panicked over my kids’ Christmas list. Zach wants an autographed Sidney Crosby jersey and an *away* jersey from Steelers kicker Jeff Reed.

Santa found out that they don’t make away Reed jerseys… so Santa is pretty much stuck. Zach is not worried a bit… because everyone knows that Santa can do anything.

Ally wants one of those Furreal Butterscotch ponies. It’s a mechanical pony that is darling, on t.v. all the time, and is SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE! So Santa had no choice but to turn to eBay. Santa has never never never used eBay before…. so he was a little worried about it. Santa didn’t want to turn into a Jim Parsons or Paul VanOsdol Team 4 Investigative story if you know what I mean. But, because Ally has been so good all year Santa was willing to take the chance.

In his first try, Santa lost his bid in the last five seconds… Hey, that’s not fair!

So the second try Santa took things more seriously. SANTA WAS DETERMINED TO WIN. But when he did…. he freaked out…. there was a PayPal account to sign into…. and then had to just wait and hope it all worked. But we just got word from a wonderful woman named Ann that Butterscotch is on the way! Ann’s profile said she’s been selling for a while on eBay and has a long list of good comments from satisfied customers.

Ann was even thoughtful enough to warn me that the picture of Butterscotch was on the box … and to make sure Santa put it away until Christmas.

Thank you Ann from West Virginia, whoever you are….. I’ll let you know when my first eBay package arrives.

I may get addicted to eBay. You really can find just about anything you’d want on there…. anything *but* a Jeff Reed away jersery that is.

Nemacolin Light Up Night
December 1, 2006

Hi. I’m finally back.
My computer has been down for more than a week. Something about my logic board. I finally got it back today…. and have spent the better part of the night returning long overdue emails.

I did want to share one really cool thing I got to do right after Thanksgiving.

Friday night I was invited to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort for a check presentation. The Hardy family graciously donated $10,000 to Project Bundle Up. Thank You!
Thanks to Trey Matheu the Director of Resort Operations, Jeff Nobers the Public relations director , Major Robert Reel with the Salvation Army , and Project Bundle Up Coordinator Rosaleen Poloso.

I was able to be there for the presentation and the Light Up Night there.

If you’ve never been to Nemacolin…. now is the time to go. It’s so beautiful and they really know how to impress.
There were lots of kids there and they all cheered as Santa pulled up via dogsled. Nemacolin is offering dog-sledding now… and Santa and Mrs. Claus showed it off for everyone.

The decorations are so beautiful there both inside and out.

My kids love it here… and they often ask me when we can go back.
My visit was too short… and I’m planning to go back soon to relax and let Nemacolin spoil me a bit.