Watch Amazing Commercial

I feel my job anchoring the news has made me an expert on commercials.
For many many years (too many to admit the exact number), I’ve spent at least an hour a day paying very close attention to commercials because I can’t leave the set. So I watch and critique.
A friend sent me a link to a Honda commercial which I think is amazing.
Reportedly, the engineers took apart two hand-made cars and set up the parts like dominos.
They say it took 606 takes and three months to get it just right.
Everything you see in the film (aside from the walls, floor, ramp, and complete Honda Accord) is parts from those two cars.
Oh, and about those funky windshield wipers. On the new Accords, the windshield wipers have water sensors and are designed to start doing their thing automatically as soon as they become wet.

Open the link and be amazed!

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