Bridge Collapse

It seems like a normal morning here.
Zach has pulled up an OnDemand Pitt Panthers basketball game to watch a player shatter the backboard. He loves it. He’s watched it many times already.
Ally is eating pancakes and trying to get Zach’s attention but he just wants to watch basketball.

I am in the small room just off the living room on the computer. I wanted to check the lastest on the bridge collapse.
I am doing my best to keep the kids from seeing what happened in Minneapolis. So I wait until they’re interested in something… and quickly come see the latest update.
It would have a major impact on them. It is having a major impact on me. I just can’t believe it and can’t imagine what the families are going through there. How horrible.
While my day is starting out rather routine…. I know so many families’ lives have been drastically changed and will never be the same. Again, I just can’t imagine.
My thoughts and prayers are with them.

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