Meteor Shower Watching

I stayed up until 1:45 to watch the annual meteor shower.
My mom bought a bunch of lounge chairs and my cousin, Lisa, came over (yes the same one from the great Safari park incident of ’07). I let the kids stay up too.
So the five of us laid back with blankets and got ready for the big show.
It was supposed to be one of the best Perseid meteor showers ever because the moon was not out and so the bright streaks across the sky would be bright.
Astronomers estimated we’d see about 60 meteors per hour between 11:00 pm and dawn…. with the best show at 2:00am.
We learned the reason for the shower is because the Earth’s orbit crosses the path of debris thorwn off by Comet Swift-Tuttle. As those fragments enter the atmosphere they burn up in a flash and look like shooting stars. These are some pictures I found online of what we should expect.

In the past, the Perseid showers have produced such spectacular displays that people swamped radio stations with reports of a mysterious light in the sky.
So we were very excited about the possibility.
We saw our first one just before 11:00.
And then nothing for a long time.
By about midnight we’d seen three.
They are best described at streaks of light that last less than one second.
So we all tried not to blink.
By one o’clock we’d seen another three… although some of us missed them.
Then the kids wanted to go inside and go to bed.
We realized the dew had fallen on us and we all felt a bit uncomfortable… and my eyes were getting dry from not blinking.
I gave up at 1:45 and went inside to dry my hair and get some sleep.
Mom and Lisa stuck it out until 2:30.
The next morning I asked them what happened after I left.
So I’m wondering if any of you stayed up to watch them and if the show was any better where you were?

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