Giggling on the Carriage Ride

We took one of those horse-drawn carriage rides today.

The owner dressed up in clothes from the 1800s and we all pretended to live back then.
I have no idea how he does it. He wears those hot clothes everyday. And today it was almost 100 degrees.

We had gone about one block when the horses pulled over and relieved themselves along the sidewalk. It sounded like a flood. And I’m not kidding when I say it lasted several minutes. It was so loud and the owner tried to keep talking over the noise which sounded like Niagra Falls.

The kids giggled.
Then I giggled. How could I not?

The more the tour guide tried to shout over the noise…. the more we laughed.

There were a few others onboard with us and I’m pretty sure we ruined their trip. The ride lasted for about an hour and we giggled the whole way through.

I wonder if the kids who lived back in the 1800s would have giggled, too?

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