My Friend’s Art Show

I’ve told you before about my good friend, Shawn Quinlan and his amazing artwork.
This weekend I attended a big show at the Carnegie Museum. It is the 97th Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Annual show. Shawn’s quilt, “Sugar Coated” won the Steve Mendelson, Mendelson Gallery Award.

Let me explain that last shot. When it was time for Shawn to be awarded, I squeezed up to the front and crouched down on the floor so I wouldn’t block anyone’s view… and still be able to get the picture. (that’s why it looks like a small two year old took the picture)
I was trying to get one last shot… when Steve and Shawn spotted me on the floor. I was trying to take one last shot but the camera wouldn’t go off…. and that’s when they pointed and laughed at me… and then, of course, the camera finally flashed.
By the way, Steve Mendelson has an amazing gallery in Shadyside if you are shopping for cool art, you should check it out. I can’t find a website for his shop… but the address is: 5874 Ellsworth Avenue 412.361.8664.
Also, check out this picture! The Queen of the Pittsburgh Scene was there!

Yes, that’s ‘THE’ Jean Horne!
She does a wonderful job at the Pittsburgh Tribune Review bringing us all the best of the social scene.

She is amazing and seems to be everywhere.
Click here to see some of Jean Horne’s work in the Tribune Review’s Fanfare section.
If you’d like to see the Associated Artists show, it runs through January 21st.
The show also includes work from other notable artists (even Andy Warhol) who’ve participated in the annual shows.

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