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My New Project: ‘netWORTH
May 29, 2008

      Check out a new project we’ve started on this website. It’s called ‘netWORTH and my goal is to help you improve your own networth by using the internet.  You can watch a short conversation I have with various experts with great advice.  Today’s topic is teaching your kids about the value of money. I talked with a wonderful expert from PNC.  Phyllis Silverman is a senior trust advisor and vice president. She is very bright and does a fantastic job making the lessons of money practical for all of us. 

  My favorite tip she shared (since I have a 10 and 7 year old) was a cool way to use buckets to teach children about money. Click here to watch it. 

   I have interviewed a lot of local experts on a wide variety of topics …. you may have already seen my conversation with John Barbour with  InterGen Advisors. He explains why having a 401-K is like having your own clone…. working for you while you’re at work or on vacation. I love that example!  Click here to get to his website.

   Upcoming shows will include tips on starting a small business, investment strategies, saving for college,  how to deal with the housing market, and gas prices. I’ve learned so much from these interviews and can’t wait to share them with you! 


Stanley Cup At Action News
May 28, 2008

We welcomed a special visitor to the studio today. The Stanley Cup made an appearance on Channel Four Action News at Noon! 

   Normally, our studio is pretty empty during the actual newscast… but it seemed like more than a dozen people gathered in the studio and we had a live audience. ; ) 

   Mike Bolt brought the Cup over… he’s the official “keeper of the cup.” He told some funny stories. Each player on the winning team gets to keep the cup for one day. Players have eaten out of it, baptized their children in it, slept with it, but I liked the story about what happened when Mario had it. Apparently, Mario had a party when it was in his possession and other players came over to celebrate.  Somehow, the Cup ended up taking a dip in Mario’s pool. It was found at the bottom of the pool. (Legend has it that Phil Bourque was behind that).  That event (along with various other precarious situations the Cup found itself in) caused the NHL to hire a “white glove keeper of the cup” to keep an eye on it all the time.

Jake and I didn’t touch it…. not that I’m superstitious at all… but I didn’t want any of the players to catch us touching it and get freaked out. 



Beautiful Scarf
May 27, 2008

A big THANK YOU! to Cheryl Kirsch for this beautiful silk scarf. I had the lovely and talented Becky Emmers from Links N’@ model it for me. (Although you may have seen me wear it as a belt on the news a couple of times already). 

  Cheryl Kirsch makes beautiful things.. and she focuses on angels and cats… her two favorite things.

    When it comes to the scarves.. each piece is hand dyed and painted. Each is unique and each is signed by the artist. If you have a second, it’s worth clicking here to check out her website and some of her creations.

 Cheryl lives in North Huntingdon. Here’s a couple for you to enjoy.. I think they’d make a great graduation gift! 






Pens Prepare for Motown
May 23, 2008

                                                 Detroit:   Easy as One, Two, Three.


SmartLipo Story
May 21, 2008

Here’s a preview of the story I’m working on for tonight at five. 

I followed three women through a procedure that’s relatively new to our area. It’s called SmartLipo and some claim it is safer than the traditional Liposuction. 

This new way does not use anesthesia so the patient is awake and alert the entire time, the incisions are very small,  and two of these women got up and dressed and drove themselves back to work that same day. 

For more information on Michelle, Karen, and Debbi’s procedure……   watch my story tonight at five as I visit the Rejuvenation Center about an hour and fifteen minutes from Pittsburgh in Wheeling, West Virginia. Click here for more information. 

May 21, 2008

Sore Feet
May 19, 2008

Think your shoes are uncomfortable? 

My friend emailed me these photos.

First, according to the email… these are allegedly the newest shoe craze in Japan. 

Then she also sent me these… Pictures of back in the day of the Geisha…  as a reminder of what uncomfortable shoes can do to your feet!

Prepare to be grossed out! 


    These makes me want to wear tennis shoes to work tomorrow. 

Apron for a Cause
May 19, 2008

      Mike Clark brought me a gift today.

       It’s an apron made by Bill Kristoff. He lost his wife to breast cancer four years ago and now donates his time to make these and raise money for the Komen Foundation. When I get the details on how to order one… I’ll let you know. Thanks, Bill! 


Come with me to Borders!
May 16, 2008

  If any of you are in the South Hills Saturday morning… please join me at Borders Bookstore at 10:30 am.   I’m participating an in event for Beginning with Books and Best Books for Babies.  We’re announcing the 9th annual Best Books for Babies presented by Beginning with Books.   For the past 24 years, the group has promoted early literacy to make a difference in the lives of children, especially low-income families. 

   Reading to your child or grandchild… encourages listening, sound and language development… and it’s just fun!

   Click here for more information.

   Here’s the motivation from Beginning with Books: 

A child who has been read to from a young age: is better prepared to learn to read, has heard more than 30 million words by age 3, has a vocabulary of 20,000 words by age 6, scores highest on reading, math and general knowledge tests.


Rhyming is fun – reading, reciting, chanting or singing nursery rhymes are great ways to spend time with your child while waiting in the doctor’s office, riding in the car or on the bus, or anytime at all.    

Reading together is fun.  Choose books that will involve children in the reading process.  Kids like to point out favorite objects, animals and people.  Reading is a game and toddlers are the best players.

    There will be events all Borders East Side (Sally will be here) , Monroeville, The Mills, and Northway Mall. (And I hear there’ll be snacks, too!)… again, I hope to see you in the South Hills Borders Saturday morning! 


WTAE’s Playoff Beards
May 14, 2008

         We are showing our support of the Pens by joining the players in their tradition of vowing not to shave through the playoffs. 

    GO PENS! 

Gas Prices
May 14, 2008

  This is CRAZY!

  I had to snap a picture of it. Notice the sign posted directly under the amount I owed: 

The Girls Band Rocked!
May 13, 2008

      A fantastic local band joined us on stage this year at Race for the Cure. The group is called “The Girls”…. 

     And I can tell you The Girls rocked!  So many people came up to me during their performance and asked for more information about them so I thought I use my blog to give out some more information about them. They are very versatile… singing everything from blues to rock to disco to country to oldies. 

     Click here to get to their website.

   And if you click here, you’ll be able to hear some of their show.

    Leslie, Shelly and Debby have all participated in the Race for years and this year volunteered their talent as well. 

   Great job girls! 

Shelly Onorato’s Story
May 12, 2008

    Shelly Onorato shared her story of survival on Mother’s Day. 

   Shelly is, of course, the wife of County Executive Dan Onorato. She is also a breast cancer survivor. 

She and Dan and their three children stood together at the Race for the Cure to inspire the tens of thousands of people who came to make a difference.

This year Shelly was the honorary co-chair of the event. Shelly caught her cancer early thanks to a mammogram and she’s doing great. She’s such a special person and very brave to share her story with so many people. 


    Shelly is a wonderful and every time I see her she has the sweetest smile. 

     I have to say that  seeing the Onorato children makes me feel so old. I remember interviewing Dan Onorato more than 10 years ago when he was in city council. I worked the night shift and would have to show up at his home for an interview…. often times interrupting their dinner hour. They’ve grown up so much and it’s great to see what lovely children they are…. but it’s hard to believe how quickly time has flown by. 


The Race for the Cure
May 11, 2008

This was my view at the Race for the Cure. 

This year more than 35,000 people joined us at Schenley Park. The rain held off until the end…. not that the weather has ever slowed down this race one bit. 

  This is the survivor parade. I’ve been helping with the race for 14 years. And each year we add more and more pink survivor shirts. This year about 3,000 survivors marched in the parade.

    The pink shirts are bittersweet. It is evidence that we still need a cure ….. but hope that more people are surviving.  So we’re getting the message out there. Early detection. Better treatments. Hope for families. 

  Great job to the brand new Executive Director, Kathy Purcell! 

     I’ll have more from the Race over the next couple of days….  Shelly Onorato, Chief Executive Dan’s wife, was the honorary chair and she shared her experience with breast cancer. I also want you to see the band that performed during the race.  It’s called “The Girls”.. .and they rocked. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello to all of the WTAE people who joined me at the race:  Andrew Stockey, Mike Clark, Sally Wiggin, Jon Griener, News Director Bob Longo, and General Manager Rick Henry.

  It is an amazing and inspirational event.




Happy Mother’s Day
May 10, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day! 

    I am so lucky to have the most perfect mom in the world. She’s so fun and a great example.

    Thanks, Mom for all you do and all you’ve done! I love you! 

    Here’s what Zach and Ally gave me for Mother’s Day. 

  Ally made me a flower pot out of a laundry scoop and detergent caps.


 Zach made a card for me … and in true Zach form…. here’s what he wrote on the inside:

‘ I am Zach obviously. ‘ 



   It’s pretty “obvious” the card is from you, honey. ; )

   But thanks for signing it anyway. 

     I’m spending Mother’s Day morning at Schenley Park in Oakland with the Race for the Cure.  If you’re there… please come up to the stage and say hello. Andrew Stockey and I will be there helping emcee and we’d love to say hello. This is my 13th Race for the Cure and it’s an inspirational place to be.  If you haven’t registered for the race yet, no worries. You can sign up when you get there.  You don’t have to run in the race. You can join the walk or the one mile fun walk… or just come hang out.

   One day soon I hope my Mother’s Day tradition changes and I’m able to sleep in.

   That’s when we find a cure for breast cancer and there’ll be no need for the race.

   Until then, come join us and make a big difference in raising awareness and supporting research for a cure.