Kennywood Day Fun

    The King of Kennywood Day signed autographs beside me for a while on WTAE day at the park. 

    Doesn’t Joe look great? I am reminded of my very first Kennywood Day. After only working here for about six months, I arrived to our autograph booth. As the shift changed… I took the place of Joe DeNardo. The crowd saw we were switching places and started screaming… “NO JOE.. DON’T GO!”.  Down I sat. And as the line moved through… person after person just wanted me to hand over a card of Joe… even though he wasn’t there to sign it. So rather than signing any photos myself… I just started handing out Joe’s photo. ; ) 


   Here’s the guy responsible for putting our day of fun on television, Art. 

   And here’s a reader of this blog, Ron! Thanks for reading! 

          Here is a great family….. The guy in the blue shirt works here, Jim.  Remember, he’s the guy who found the coffee burning a hole in the cups?  And ok…. so this next shot was long after the parade. Here’s Mike back in the newsroom with his daughter, Danielle (on the right) and her friend Brenna.  I wanted to take a picture of them during the parade but forgot. They rode in the parade right in front of us…. and we kept blowing our horn at them. I will only say that the driver of his car should get his exhaust checked out. (PHEW!) 

  Lots of familiar faces stopped by to say hello (Paula and Joe… it wouldn’t be the same without you!) …. and my kids had a great time in the parade. What a wonderful day!

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