Thanks for your emails to Shane

  Thanks to everyone who sent in messages about Shane the soldier. I forwarded them to him and hopefully it will help him realize that people care. If I hear from him again, I’ll post it right away. 

   Also, I’m anchoring the 5:00 and the 11:00 for Wendy while she’s on maternity leave…. so these posts are coming at odd times. I used to post them when I got to work before the noon show… I’ll have to try to get into a groove with my new temporary hours now. I hope to see Wendy and Bobby and Chris in the next few days.. and I’ll be sure to let you know how they’re doing.

  Also many of you have asked about a story I did that helps your feet feel better. There’s a device called Yoga Toes that helps stretch your toes making them stronger and feel better. Click here to see how you can order them.

     And to make my hectic week a little better… I’m proud to report the hummingbirds have arrived at my house! I put up two feeders and the little things have tried out both of them. I will have to have my camera ready to capture the moment and brag to you. With my new hours I haven’t had a chance to ask Erin how her feeder is doing… I’ll try to do that. Thanks for all your suggestions… they worked!

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