Great Seats / Bad Timing

  We recently had GREAT seats in the Home Plate Club at PNC Park. Thanks to my friend who gave them to us when he couldn’t go to the game. 


    The kids loved being so close to all the action…. and they loved the waitress who spoiled us by coming back often to see if she could bring them more food.

   But we learned timing is everything in baseball.




   Avoiding the Pirate Parrot. 

   Remember, how I’ve told you Ally’s fear of mascots?  Well, she’s pretty much over it. We’ve been many places where she’ll even get up the courage to get her picture taken with one. But the Parrot is HUGE. 

   So while she was having a fabulous time in our fabulous seats …. she was keeping an eye out for the big bird. 

   The Parrot was always up in the stands entertaining…. 

   And then we had to go to the bathroom.  As soon as we walked into the Home Plate Club……. 





  Ally was not happy. The Parrot recognized me and Zach insisted on taking our picture. 

   One moment sooner or later…. and we’d have missed each other. 

  But, of course, fate had us smack right into each other. 

   Ally recovered well…. but next time…  I bet she’ll hold it until we get home.

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