Jersey Boys / Talking to the Dead


   I have a lot to tell you about a Broadway show coming here!  I spent the weekend in Cleveland and saw Jersey Boys.

It is fantastic! I can see why it won a Tony award for Best Musical. 

       You need to go ahead and buy a ticket now for the January show. If you have a man in your life you have trouble getting to go to a musical… *this* is the one to drag him to. He’ll love it.  I’ll be writing about this more tomorrow.  Click here to go ahead and get your tickets now before they’re gone. 

   I still have to download the photos from my weekend to show you… and since I didn’t bring my transfer cords to work tonight (my nighttime schedule still has me out of whack) … I thought I’d post this email I got today of something else coming to Pittsburgh in October. If you’ve ever wanted to talk to a loved one who’s pass away…. maybe, just maybe, this woman could help.  I have no idea which relative I’d want to talk to or what I’d like to ask.  I can’t say I believe in this…. but it does have me thinking. Have any of you out there had an experience from the “Other Side”? If so, I would love to hear about it! 

   In the meantime… here’s my email notice: 

Lisa Williams: Messages From Beyond

Tuesday, October 28th – 7:30pm | Byham Theater
Tickets on sale Friday, July 25th at 9:00am

Lisa Williams is an internationally acclaimed Medium and Clairvoyant who has an amazing ability to communicate with loved ones and friends whom have passed on to the ‘other side’. She is appearing at the Byham Theater on Tuesday, October 28th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $45.50-$75.50 and can be purchased at the Box Office at Theater Square (655 Penn Avenue), by phone at (412) 456-6666 or online at Lisa Williams will be doing readings for members of the audience. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a reading.

Born in England, Lisa was discovered by Merv Griffin and currently has her own hit show ‘Lisa Williams, Life Among the Dead’, on Lifetime Television. As well as appearing on Good Morning America, Oprah and The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Lisa recently completed her first book. In addition to her readings in front of large audiences, Lisa does personal readings and is a trained Reiki and Crystal Healer.

She works with loved ones of the audience to help resolve past issues, inform them of situations that they may find themselves in, and give closure and healing. Lisa Williams shares these gifts through large audience readings.

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