Power Out

     Like so many of you, I lost power last night.

     It went out thirty minutes before the Steelers game.  UGH. To say my son was disappointed would be an understatement. We lit a half dozen candles and saturated my home with the overpowering smell of vanilla.

    Thank goodness I went to that neighborhood candle party last year!

    It was about 493 degrees in our house… so we opened the windows.  Not only did that let in a nice breeze, but also the constant sounds of sirens all night. 

    About 6:30 I was jarred out of bed when the power came back on. The television came on full blast and so did every light in the house. HA!

     It reminded me of the tactic my father used to get be out of bed for school when I was a teenager. : )

     Thanks to everyone who called to check on us last night and thanks for the wake up call this morning. I really have great friends. And thanks to Duquesne Light crews who worked all night to get my power back on… I really appreciated being able to make strong coffee this morning!

    At the school bus stop all the talk was how people who went from bar to bar to bar… hoping to see the game.. only to have the bar lose power soon after they got there.   I am going to ask Jon Burton and Guy Junker show some extra long highlights of the Steelers game tonight!

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