Pictures from my Treasure Hunt

           Here are some cool photos from a cool event…. even though I’m sure you’ll agree I look very un-cool!!!!   ; ) 

            I’m on a treasure hunt at the Children’s Museum with my team. We were racing against time to find clues to unlock a treasure.  You can do this anytime at the museum… so I’ll explain what to do.

Here’s how it worked: We had a cell phone and a map. We’d use the map to figure out what to find outside or inside the museum.

The map include a super tight photo of something…. each of the 22 items included a number …. things such as statues and artwork and signs.

Then we’d dial a special phone number (I’d put it on speaker so others could hear) and punch in where we were and would be asked a question with a multiple choice answer.

  Can you tell how competitive I am? 

With every correct answer… we’d get a special letter.  When we finished nine locations correctly… we’d have to unscramble the letters to spell out a word and unlock the chest.  My teammates were awesome! 

  Here are the other two team leaders, KDKA radio traffic reporter Kathy Berggren and WPXI reporter Marc Willis.  


   Kathy’s team won….  We got second place … Sorry Marc (he he he)  but everyone got a big prize anyway! 

  If you’d like more information on doing the treasure hunt yourself or visiting the Children’s Museum click here.  

  The hunt benefited Tickets for Kids Charities. Click here for more information on that wonderful program.

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