Sidney Crosby’s Lucky Hat


     Have you noticed the hat that Sidney Crosby has been wearing every time we interview him? 

    I got word today from inside the locker room is that it’s his “lucky hat.”  Apparently he sticks with the same hat all season…. sweat and all. : )  It’ll be great to see what his lucky hat looks like by the end of the season. But since Sid’s doing so great…  I say keep the superstition alive! It’s working! 

     I’ve heard how superstitious the team members are. I know our sports crews are not allowed to step on the Pens logo in the middle of the floor… and that’s just one of many things that the players enforce to give their season luck. 

     I don’t think news anchors have any superstitions like that before a news show. I’ll ask around and let you know.

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