My Interview with Troy

So…. our crew in Tampa covering the Super Bowl keeps going on and on and on about how beautiful and warm it is down there. UGH. Then I get the chance to interview Troy Polamalu by satellite… and he starts out by doing the very same thing! 

polamalu_troy_43623Taunting me about having to do the interview by satellite rather than in person in sunny Tampa!  He laughed all the way through the interview about it. I told him he was no better than Sally and Andrew and Guy!  Enough! Those of us stuck in this winter storm warning KNOW how wonderfully hot it is there. Bring home the trophy, Troy, and all is forgiven! : )

Click here to see my interview with Troy.

 Hey, and later today on Action News I’m going to tell you about a new tshirt a local woman designed to honor Troy and his hair. : )  It’s not your typical Steelers tshirt. That story coming up  this evening on Action News.

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