History of the Terrible Towel

Click here to read a wonderful article in the New York Times this morning about the Terrible Towel.  The Times interviewed Elizabeth Cope, Myron’s daughter. They talked about the huge impact he’s made on Steelers Nation but more importantly the huge impact he’s made on the severely disabled. Myron signed over the trademark rights to the Allegheny Valley School where his son Danny lives. Danny has never spoken a word or been to a Steelers game.

 When I interviewed Elizabeth right after Myron passed away, she told me it’s so strange to think that her father who was known for his unique voice  cheering on the Steelers (as a teenager she begged him to “stop talking like that” because her friends teased her) ……  passed along every bit of  the money from his famous Terrible Towel go to those who don’t even care about football. Elizabeth Cope is a wonderfully caring person and a joy. I’m sure Myron is more proud of her than he his of his beloved Steelers making it to the Super Bowl.


 Also, did you hear on Channel Four Action News Bill Hillgrove explaining how the Terrible Towel came to be? He said the first idea thrown out to rally the Steelers Nation was to get fans to wear Lone Ranger- type masks to the game!!!!    ?????  Can you imagine going to a game wearing this????


When they looked into it, it was too expensive. So someone throw out there that everyone could wave a gold towel… and Myron said, “We’ll call it the Terrible Towel!”

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