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Make Your Own Puppet
March 31, 2009

Check out this website to create your own muppet “Whatnot” thanks to FAO Schwarz.  You can design it and buy it or just have fun playing on the website. Click here to try it.


Devon Won!
March 30, 2009

    I just got this good news email from my friend about the 11 year old I told you about recently who was in the singing competition. He won!

    Great job, Devon!  I can’t wait to hear your professional recording! Here’s the email: 

       Deven won Kean Idol!  He won both the judges’ pick and the audience pick!  He sang “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson.   His stage presence at the age of 11 is really unbelievable! 
      He sang and worked the crowd like a true professional.
      He won a recording session with Audible Images (they’ve won 3 grammys) and a photography shoot with Photographer, Rick Armstrong. 
      There was some stiff competition including an adorable third grader named Jacqueline Evancho who sang opera and had the voice of an angel.  She won First Runner Up.
      Armstrong cable was there recording it, anyone with Armstrong will be able to watch it.

Puppy Cake
March 28, 2009

On a recent story… I heard about this new local product. It’s adorable! 

Puppy Cake is a local company using healthy and natural ingredients in a cake mix for your pet. How cute! 


  Click here to get to the website. 

 The site is darling… and even has party planning ideas for your pet.. including games. : ) 

Here’s some information from the website: 

Puppy Cake

How It Started

The idea for Puppy Cake came when our owner, Kelly Chaney, was looking at a client’s old advertisements. This client made cake mix for people. As she was looking at the cake mix, she said to herself, “Wouldn’t that be great if they made this for dogs? People are celebrating dog’s birthdays more and more.” Then she realized that she could make this product. In August 2007, Puppy Cake became an official company. In November 2007, the product launched.


Mission:   Puppy Cake seeks to provide a healthy and satisfying treat for dogs and a fun experience for their owners. We use only human grade and natural ingredients in our products because we believe that Puppy Cake is held to a higher standard. Customer service is a top priority that we take very seriously. We first want to make sure every customer, from consumer to retailer have a great experience. We stand behind our product 100% and will work to ensure satisfaction with every transaction. Our company wants to further the well being of canines throughout the US by donating a portion of our profits to animal rescue organizations.


  If you’d rather call…. her phone number is:   1(888) 8K9-CAKE.

It comes with a satisfaction guaranteed or money back promise!

Pitt Students Relay for Life
March 25, 2009

One of our great interns told me about something wonderful students at the University of Pittsburgh are doing. They’re holding a Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. It’s an overnight fundraiser. It’s April 4th in Schenley Plaza. They expect more than 500 people to turn out… it goes all night into Saturday morning and there will be lots of entertainment. I’m hoping to get some photos from it to post here. Click here for more information.

Mr McFeely’s Visit
March 24, 2009

Mr McFeely came to visit us last week and handed out sweaters for “Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day?” …. which honors Fred Rogers’ memory. I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce you to people in our Channel 4 family by showing you some of the photos I took. 


     This is Kevin, our 6:00 producer. 


  This is our Assignment Editor, Peggie. She’s expecting and Mr McFeely wished her a “Speedy Delivery!” LOL. 

    This is Jim, our Satellite Center coordinator. 


    Tom is our 5:00 news producer.     


    Diana is another new neighbor… she’s an Associate Producer. 


  This is intern, Brittany.


   This is Rege… he’s our managing editor. 


  You all know Marcie. 


  You’ve met Jennifer before on my blog.. she’s our Executive Producer. 


        Thanks Mr McFeely! You are welcome here anytime : )

My “Award”
March 24, 2009

Loyal blog reader Rob just mailed me this trophy…. apparently, according to his story, he was skiing at Seven Springs and found it. : )

 He noticed in a former blog post that I didn’t win anything during our Winterfest Celebrity Olympics….. but he says this is proof that I’m wrong. He said while he was skiing … one of his skis hit something … and when he uncovered it… he found my spectacular award!  (Yes… that’s right…. this has nothing to do with the fact he felt sorry for me for being such a loser!) 


  Here’s a close-up…. just so there’s no doubt about what I “won” : ) That’s right, Ladies Downhill Champ! 


     So I’m thanking Rob for returning this amazing award to its rightful owner… and I’ve put it on my desk at work to rub it in everyone’s face! 

Thanks Rob …. and thanks for reading!  : )

Updated “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Video
March 19, 2009

Here’s a new version of the big event tomorrow “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Day. I also have some photos to show you of Mr McFeely’s visit to our newsroom. He’s so wonderful! 

 I’m also working to post something that blog reader, Rob  mailed to be today. Apparently I won a “big award” at Winterfest LOL. It’s sitting on my desk and I have a photo of it for you. (Thanks Rob!) Right now I”m working on several stories for tonight’s show. One has to do with how the economy has some women looking at unusual and controversial ways of making extra money. One woman made $20,000 so far. The other story I’m working on is the head injury which took the life of actress Natasha Richardson. I also have two very interesting reports for next week… but you’ll just have to wait for those : )  Anyway, a very busy day for me!

Sweater Day
March 19, 2009

Friday, March 20th is Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day… in honor of Mr Rogers. 

Here’s the video from last year with Mr McFeely asking everyone to wear a sweater and be nice to your neighbors. (Last year March 20th was on a Thursday) 

March 20th was Fred Rogers’ birthday and last year was the first annual Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day and people all over the world who’d been influenced by Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood participated. Yesterday Mr McFeely came to our newsroom and passed out sweaters to remind us. (I have a ton of photos I’ll post for you soon on that) Don’t forget to wear a sweater tomorrow!

Local 11 year old Singer
March 18, 2009

  This is Deven Brunsell from Brentwood. He’s 11.  He is singing this weekend in the semi-finals at “Kean Idol” at St. Barnabas.  

    He’s scheduled to be in the one o’clock competition on Sunday.  Hard to believe he’s only 11. He really wants to sing the National Anthem at a Penguins game…. I think he’d be great! 

  Good luck Deven! Be sure to let us know how you do.   A friend of mine sent me this.  She said Devon sings at various events… and if you are interested here’s how to contact him:     
To contact:
Bryan Brunsell, Co-manager 


Lance Brunsell & Renee Rozzi (parents) 



Security Advice
March 16, 2009

I just took a suggestion from a security expert friend of mine. He’s been telling me for a while to make photo copies of all of my credit cards and driver’s license  and anything else I might need…. in case I lose my wallet or someone takes it.  So I just took my wallet back to our photo copy machine and copied away . I did both front and back of the cards so I’d have the phone numbers, too in case I needed to call and cancel my lost cards.   I also realized I need a new WTAE photo id… the one I have now is 14 years old!  Anyway, now I’ll have all of this at home… just in case I need it (and my friend will stop nagging me about it LOL).

Holmes’ Superbowl Catch Painting
March 12, 2009

A local art gallery just emailed this to me…. a painting of the famous catch which is signed by Santonio Holmes and Ben Roethlisberger.






Dear Pittsburgh Steeler Fan,   This explosive image capturing Santonio Holmes’ thrilling touchdown catch is truly one of the most sensational plays in Super Bowl history.  The Pittsburgh Steelers now take the lead 26 to 23 as they march toward their sixth Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy!

IMAGE SIZE   30” X 40”                              EDITION SIZE 75



$2250  ISSUE PRICE AFTER MARCH 31, 2009 

There will be 10 “Super Bowl XLIII” canvases available with 6 Pittsburgh Steelers autographs; price is $3,000.




                                                                                                RON  MASER

                                                                                                MASER GALLERIES

MASER GALLERIES / 5427 Walnut Street Pittsburgh, PA 15232 /  412.687.0885 


Our Newsroom Gift
March 11, 2009


Executive Producer Jennifer Sloan is showing off a wonderful gift by a wonderful viewer.  It’s a tissue dispenser disguised as a Steelers helmet. Thanks for taking the time to make it for us and mail it in. During this allergy and cold season.. it will get a lot of use in the newsroom. : )

Pittsburgh Potholes
March 11, 2009

        Today Mayor Ravenstahl said if you report a pothole in your neighborhood crews will get to it within five working days. You can call 412-255-CITY to report a problem street in your area.


        He said for every pothole call, crews patch six and have used more than 500 pounds of cold-patch material in the month of February. “Residents need to be aware that crews can only use ‘cold-patch’ material in this weather which means that potholes will only hold the fill if they are two-inches deep or more,” said Rob Kaczorowski, DPW operations director. “As soon as the weather gets warmer and more durable ‘hot-patch’ becomes available, we will be able to more aggressively hit the smaller potholes.”  

       Through the president’s economic stimulus plan, the City will receive $4.5 million in community development block grant funding. “I am confident that a large portion of this money will be used to improve our infrastructure so that next year, some of our most pothole riddled roads will be paved, and our streets safer for residents,” Ravenstahl said. “When specific program guidelines become available, I will be working with members of City Council to help formulate an aggressive paving program.”

Getting Caught Up
March 10, 2009

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything since last Thursday. Shame on me! I’ve been spring cleaning and reading and working on some news stories…. and things have been quite boring so I’ve had nothing to share. (If you have something interesting for me to pass along please send!)

  I do have something to post from work…..  a viewer made something for us and sent it in. (no, it’s not food this time LOL) I took a photo for you.  I’m going to Uniontown this morning to do an interview with a woman who’s had a life-changing experience.  More details on that later….  right now, it’s time to make some school lunches. : )

Billy Collins: The Lanyard
March 5, 2009

Billy Collins is my favorite poet. His poems make me laugh and make me think all at the same time. I was searching him online to see if he had any appearances scheduled for our area this year. I never could find his schedule… but I did find this youtube clip of him reading one of my favorites. This is called: The Lanyard


“Billy Collins writes lovely poems…Limpid, gently and consistently startling, more serious than they seem, they describe all the worlds that are and were and some others besides.” — John Updike

“Luring his readers into the poem with humor, Mr. Collins leads them unwittingly into deeper, more serious places, a kind of journey from the familiar to quirky to unexpected territory, sometimes tender, often profound.” — The New York Times