I’m Back/ Cooking Class/ CASA

Many of you have written in wondering what’s happened to my blogging life. Well, today, I’m back. 

I did a story last week on Twitter. I think I’ll set up an account to get news tips. Anyone out there with any Twittering advice PLEASE help me! I’m going to work on it this week and I have no idea how it’ll go. 

A charity event I helped with over the weekend emailed me this photo today.


   This is Jason Capps. He’s the owner of  Bella Sera by Greco’s in Washington County.  An even for CASA was held at his facility Friday night. We raised money for the organization which helps children through the court system …. many of their parents get in trouble with the law and the innocent children need an advocate to represent their needs in the court system. Wonderful volunteers help the scared and confused children as they try to stabilize their lives. Click here to find out more about how you can volunteer for CASA.

  Jason is also working on a project I hope to tell you more about soon.  He is hosting cooking classes live on the web. There’s a fee… and he gives you a shopping list and then you can join him live and ask him questions live… (or watch the video anytime you want).  Click here for more.

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