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Pop Rocks Pens Song!
May 30, 2009


Meet Me in Uniontown
May 29, 2009

Hey, if you’re in Uniontown tomorrow morning (Saturday May 30th)… please stop by and say hello. I’ll be at the 5K Osteoporosis Walk at Mount Macrina (Rt. 40 West) from 8am-Noon. It’s also a big health fair with more than 35 exhibitors covering a variety of health topics. The walk is to raise awareness about the importance of improving bone health for all ages to prevent osteoporosis. I’ll be there the entire time so if you get a chance come say hello!

For those of you in Pittsburgh…. you may want to consider joining Hollywood for a day.  Warrior is the newest movie being filmed here. They need extras to show up at the Peterson Event Center on the Pitt campus all day Saturday. You’ll be watching a fight scene.  It’s free for you to participate (no, you don’t get paid) and there will be big prizes given away all day to the extra involved…. $25,ooo dollars worth. (shirts, hats, big screen tvs, iPods, even a 2009 Ford Ranger truck!) You need to show up in the morning (it starts at 10 so come earlier) and you’ll need to stay until 7pm.  They’ll even be showing the Pens game on the big screen at the end so it’ll be a party! Enjoy! If you go and take photos…. please email them to me so I can post here.  For more information go to to get the details.

Forbes Health Foundation Event
May 28, 2009

 I had the honor of hosting the 2009 Harmony Ball and Community Care Awards for Forbes Health Foundation. What a fun night!  The committee did a great job of decorating the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center and local high school students provided some amazing artwork as a backdrop for this year’s theme: Work of Art. Click here for more. I had a wonderful time and was so impressed with those who received the Community Care Awards!




Community of Care Awardees: Tim Turner representing Turner Dairy (Corporate Partner of the Year), Tom Izyadore representing the The Forbes EMS Providers (Distinguished Service Award), and on the far right Dr. LaDonna Fuge (Ed Dardanell Legacy Award)



Foundation President Mary Lee Gannon and Event Chairs Tricia and Dr. James T. McCormick. 


Kevin Altomari and his wife Dawn Gideon. Dawn is Executive Vice President, Chief of Hospital Operations, West Penn Allegheny Health System and President and CEO, Forbes Regional.  Behind them are art backdrops painted by students from Fox Chapel High School and Gateway High School.


Michelle Wright of WTAE-TV was the night’s emcee.

Two Surprising Photos From My Day
May 27, 2009

For those of you following me on Twitter at @tvmichelle you have already seen these photos.

For the rest of you…  here are two photos taken by my self-titled “blogographer” (aka producer Kevin Kalia) since I left my camera at home charging.  First, look who stopped by to say hello this morning: 


    Joe DeNardo is such a wonderful person and we all had a great time catching up! 

   Next, here’s Sally Wiggin demonstrating something she’ll be talking about on the newscast tonight. (In all fairness my Assistant News Director made sure we captured this moment so I could post it here!) 


Go See Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!
May 26, 2009

If you’ve never seen Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat…. It’s fantastic and it’s in Pittsburgh right now.  I first saw it in Chicago about 16 years ago when I was there to interview Oprah. Donny Osmond was the lead back then… and now I see, David Osmond (I’m sure he’s related but i don’t know how yet LOL) is playing Joseph. I highly recommend it! 

Click here for tickets and here’s how the website describes the show:  

May 26, 2009 – June 7, 2009

The Benedum Center

Lyrics by Tim Rice
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

A Musical Dream Come True,
starring David Osmond!

This colorful retelling of the story of Joseph, his coat of many colors and his amazing ability to interpret dreams is a musical blockbuster of Biblical proportions!  Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s award-winning musical parable features a delightful array of musical styles, from country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and rock ‘n’ roll, entertaining young and old alike with such hits as “Go Go Go Joseph,” “Close Every Door” and “Any Dream Will Do.”

<em>Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat</em>

Exclusive *Inside* Photos of Mr. Obama meeting Steelers
May 21, 2009

These are some cool photos of President Obama meeting the Pittsburgh Steelers in the East Room of the White House. At first I called this room the Gold Room…. but it’s actually the East Room…. (but the color is appropriate for the black and gold, don’t you think?) After these photos the team and Mr. President went outside into the garden in front of all the television cameras. But I thought you’d enjoy these pictures ….. something you *won’t* see on t.v. : ) 





We Named Our Newsroom Bird
May 21, 2009

   Our newsroom mascot came to our window again today… tapping away at the window.  So we walked over and started to tap back. Also, our producer Kevin came up with a name for our feathered friend: Orville.

Sharpie on my Shoulder
May 20, 2009

I’ve mentioned before how I keep a warm and cozy sweater here in the make up room to wear while I’m in the newsroom. It’s comfy … but the main reason is so that I don’t get anything on the jacket I’m planning to wear on the news each night. So today, I have no idea why I didn’t change before coming out to my desk.  My good friend, came up and hugged me with sharpie in-hand. : )  

First, I hope the cleaners can get this out… second, I hope this doesn’t show up tonight in HD.. and third, our good friendship is totally worth the mark : ) 


Two Sad Updates
May 20, 2009

Zach was “lucky enough” <rolling my eyes> to bring home a goldfish from school last week. The 5th grade science class had several fish all year and I guess it was part of their hands-on learning. The teacher offered some of the kids the chance to take one home as a pet when that part of the unit was over. Well, last night when we came home…. the little guy had passed away.  : (  We’re having a funeral service in the upstairs bathroom tonight at 8:00pm. It will be a private ceremony. 

Also, you know those cool robin eggs we’ve been watching for weeks right outside my back door? Something… I’m guessing a raccoon… got them.  It climbed up and knocked over the nest and now the eggs are gone. : (

My Allergic Reaction
May 20, 2009

My appearance on t.v. tonight at 6:00 should be interesting. I’m having some sort of strange allergic reaction and my eyes are super PUFFY and itchy. We’ll see if it gets better by news time. I really don’t think scaring the viewers is a good idea : )

Nick Nolte and Me
May 15, 2009

Picture 1

   Nick Nolte loves joking around. He acted like a kid while I was trying to do an on-camera tease. He’s in a movie being shot here called “Warrior.”  Producers are looking for extras.  They want you to come down on May 30th for an all day shoot in Oakland at the Petterson Event Center. It’s free …. but they’ll need you from 10am to 7pm.  Call 866-204-0621 for more information or go to and get more details.  

For every person that comes, they’ll donate to the Pittsburgh Fallen Heros Fund in honor of the three Pittsburgh police officers who were killed last month (they’re also drawing names every 15 minutes to hand out big prizes for the extras) 

The movie also stars pro-wrestler Kurt Angle. He’s already done four movies and has four more coming soon. Looks like the former olympic gold medalist is turning into a silver screen star! 

My thanks to Lionsgate for allowing me on the set during filming!

Steelers Defense Fun Photo Shoot
May 15, 2009

I need help with some hockey trash talk. I have a high school friend who moved down to North Carolina.. and is a huge Hurricanes fan.  Please pass along any suggestions as we play them in the conference finals! Thanks!  

For all of you not into hockey… I thought I’d post this video I found on the Steelers. 

Watch This Cool Video
May 13, 2009

Here’s the explanation of the video:

This is a personal project that would not have been possible without the support of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. Thanks to the entire team for their generous access during training exercises and patrols this Summer. Since the Service began in 1973, it has carried out more than 21,000 missions ranging from urgent patient transfers to dangerous search and rescue missions.
The Service depends entirely on the generous support of sponsors and the community to stay flying. Donations can be made here:
This film is 100% ‘real’, but there are some new techniques for me here, such as using time lapse to create the illusion of forward movement for the helicopter ocean scenes. These flight sequences would not be possible without the skill and patience of Chief Pilot Peter Yates. Thanks also to Trevor Cracknell (for getting wet!) and Family.
“CLEMENTINE” (Megan Washington)
Performed by Washington

The Clarks New CD
May 12, 2009

I’ve made no secret that I love the local band The Clarks. I just got an advance copy of their new CD called ‘Restless Days.’ It officially comes out June 9th and there’s plans for a June 13th concert at the Amphitheatre at Station Square. The Clarks have stayed together for 20 years and sold more than 300-K CDs.  I’m still listening to it to decide which track is my favorite… I’ll keep you posted.  Great job to the band: Scott Blasey, Robert James, Greg Joseph, and Dave Minarik! 


If you’d like to check them out click here.

Stockey and Zumba
May 12, 2009

I got so many requests to show more of Andrew Stockey on stage trying the new exercise craze “Zumba” before Race for the Cure…. so here you go.