Steelers Are Impressive Building New House

        The Steelers learned a “new formation” as they helped build a new home with Habitat for Humanity for a deserving homeowner, Debbie Miller.  I took a few photos for you but I really wanted to blog this for one reason. These players did not come here for the publicity. They only wanted to work and many of them “hid” from our cameras behind the house painting and hard.   Their motivation was not to impress Pittsburgh with the fact they gave up their off day to come here in the heat and work. They did this to help Debbie Miller and her three grandsons be proud of their home. 

     The players I talked to include: Jeff Reed, James Farrior, Willie Colon, DeShea Townsend, Willie Parker, Heath Miller, Charlie Batch, Brett Keisel, Greg Warren, Steelers Assistant Head Coach John Mitchell.  (You can see  my photographer Terry Connell in some of these photos) They were working hard and I think were happy to see our camera leave so they could get to work.

 The players were hilarious teasing each other. Farrior was complaining that Fast Willie was trying to paint too fast because he does everything fast and somebody needed to remind him that he was not on the football field. DeShea was one of the only players who actually wore construction boots and he made fun of the other guys for not coming to work. Jeff Reed was wearing flip flops!  He whispered to me that he got the call to come out about an hour earlier and he dropped what he was doing to come join in because he thought it was such a great thing to do.  

   So I wanted to post this to brag about our Black and Gold… off the football field. : -) 






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