B-day with The Clarks and The Cup

Blog reader, Tammy wrote to tell me about her cool birthday and I wanted to share. 

She had seen my post on The Clarks concert and wrote in and told me that she and her husband bought tickets to celebrate her birthday. I told her to be sure and send me photos and tell me how the show was because I was going to be out of town.

Read what she sent me about her birthday adventure!

We went to Pittsburgh on Saturday to see the Clark concert for my birthday.  When we checked into the Marriott Hotel they told us our room would not be ready for an hour so I went into the lounge and ended up right into the middle of the Stanley Cup Celebration with the Penguins.  My husband Allen thought the cup was just a party prop and said the lounge was probably full of drunks.  He really regrets not going with me now because he missed out on all the fun!

My birthday was Saturday the 13th.  I celebrated it with Penguin Bill Guerin #13 on my birthday on the 13th – how ironic. Bill was so nice.  I had no clue anything like that would happen at all to the meet some the penguins, coaches, etc. or to see the cup and celebrate with them.   It was awesome!   The story was in the Cumberland Times news paper today, Sunday, June 14th.

Then somehow my luck hit a again on a fluke and Allen and I were given VIP seats up front at the Clark Concert and I got to go back stage and get photos with the band leaders. It was unreal.  Allen took my hand and we went looking for a lottery venue before my luck run out.  I think I turned back into a pumpkin at midnight.

Here are a few pics to share – Have a wonderful vacation!

Take care – Tammy








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