Mind of a Protester / Molly Rush

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Molly Rush is a gentle grandmother of nine …  who’s also a convicted felon.  She’s been arrested 20 times and served time in federal prison.  Her non-violent protest in 1980 is what sent her behind bars. She is one of the Plowshares Eight who broke into a nuclear weapons site on the other side of our state and hammered on an unarmed nuclear warhead and poured blood on documents.  I caught up with Ms. Rush at a protest march and asked her why she was willing to go to jail for her causes and whether it was worth it. She’s planning protest for the G20 next week.  I asked her what Pittsburgh should expect from protesters during the G20 and whether we should be worried about things turning violent.


Above is Molly Rush preparing for a march down Grant Street yesterday. Below are photos from 1980 when she was part of the Plowshares Eight.



Watch my full story tonight on Channel 4 Action News at 5:45.

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