Kaleena’s Story

I just got off the phone with a beautiful young mother who’s dying from cancer. On Wednesday she’s coming to Pittsburgh hoping a procedure pioneered at the Hillman Cancer Center (Interleukin-2) will help extend her life.


Kaleena is just 25. Her daughter, Hailey is six months old.

She lives in Canada but the treatment she needs isn’t offered there. So she and her husband and baby girl are coming to Pittsburgh on Wednesday hoping a procedure pioneered here can help extend her life. Four years ago she was diagnosed with melanoma. She had a small mole removed from her arm and didn’t have any trouble. But two months after Hailey was born, doctors found the cancer in her lymph nodes, stomach, lungs, chest, arm and neck.


I hope you can see my story which airs tonight at 6:15. If you are in a position to help Kaleena with her expenses click here. I will be following Kaleena’s progress and my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.


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