Zombies in Deep Creek!

Take a look at the zombies who’ve taken over Garrett County, Maryland! It was all for charity… they raised $30,000 for Thrill the World.  It’s an event where people all over the world perform Michael Jackson’s famous dance at the same time.

Here’s the information from the Thrill the World website:

22,923 people danced in 32 countries and broke the Record Holders Republic! Volunteers in 278 events around the world Thrilled The World in 2009 raising over $85,000 USD for 80 charities! Official list of TTW 2009 Participant NumbersPDF will be made available soon. Start planning for 2010: Sunday, October 24 @ 04:30am GMT/UTC which is Saturday in some parts of the world. Event Registration will be open in the new year.

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