Kurt Angle / Trenesha Biggers

Today, for the first time I sat down for a one-on-one interview with Trenesha Biggers. She’s the former girlfriend of Kurt Angle who filed charges against him in August.


I did a one on one exclusive interview with Kurt Angle …. once a hometown hero for bringing home the Olympic gold medal…. after the charges came out in August. But this was the first time we’ve heard from Biggers.

She claims she’s the victim of domestic violence and wanted to speak out to let people know that anyone can be a victim. She also told me that she’s an entertainer and not a fighter and the persona we see when she’s in being her wrestling character Rocka Khan….. is not the person she really is.

Despite her claims of abuse, the magistrate dropped all charges.  Angle’s attorney said the judge dropped the case after Biggers contradicted her testimony and the fact that she stayed in Angle’s home for nine days after the alleged incident.

Angle left the courtroom in tears of joy saying he wants to move on with his life now.

Click here to watch my interview.

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