Steelers Fan Poisoned

I did a story yesterday on a Steelers fan who says he was poisoned by a Chicago Bears fan after a game there in September.  Click here to watch the story.

Zack Heddinger said he and some of his friends… all wearing Steelers gear (he had on a Lambert jersey)… went to a bar near Soldier Field called Kitty O’Sheas after the game. (Steelers lost that game)  He says the trash talk started getting out of hand and a Bears fan got them a drink as a “peacemaker”.  Zack’s buddies said they didn’t want the drink because they were still angry but Zack took it.  Next thing he knew he ended up in the hospital.  Doctors had to revive him several times… and soon after he woke up he lost his sight.

Doctors in Chicago think it was antifreeze that did it…..  a local doctor told Zack yesterday that it could have been something like grain alcohol. But his drink was spiked with something that almost killed him.

Zack is getting oxygen treatments in hopes of getting his vision back.

In the meantime, Chicago police tell me they’re investigating and  the bar is cooperating in hopes of catching whoever did this.


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