Stem Cells and Heart Attacks

Click here to watch my report on a study to see how adult stem cells could change the treatment for heart attack victims.  If the study continues to show the amazing results seen so far…. heart attack patients might get an IV of stem cells (donated by healthy adults) to repair the damage within a few days after having a heart attack.

Allegheny General Hospital is the only local hospital participating in the national study.  I talked to the only local patient who’s been treated in the phase two trial.  She had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. At first she thought she slept on her shoulder the wrong way…. then she thought she was getting a chest cold…. then it dawned on her… she was having a heart attack.  Doctors asked her to join their study… and a couple of days later she got what could change the future of medicine. She might have gotten the placebo… but she thinks she got the real deal because she’s feeling so good and a nurse that came in to look at her results after the treatment said, “I can’t believe it’s the same heart.”

(Here is my photographer Ken getting video of a Cardiac MRI at Allegheny General Hospital yesterday)

Allegheny General is looking for more patients to join the study.  It hopes to have as many as 16 local people join in the next year of the 220 people nationwide.

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