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Cupcake Challenge
December 31, 2009

First, I’ll admit that I tried to cheat… but it didn’t work.

Team Ally and Lisa (called themselves the Golden Girls) beat Team Mom and Me (we were the Red Sprinkles).

I knew Lisa would take this cupcake challenge a little too seriously. She made designs with Twizzlers and froze them into place! (as you can see below) !!! and she bought a Golden sparkly balloon so they’d win the “presentation”.

After I saw how things were going…. (Golden Girls are on the left)…. I knew I only had one chance to win……

So I pulled out the one thing I knew the judges would appreciate more than the cupcakes:  cold hard cash.

While Zach quickly said that he was going to vote for me….YES!  my Dad silently smiled ….. and Lisa ran and grabbed her purse to up the ante …. but Ally said it was no fair to bribe the judges and I’d have to be disqualified LOL!…. so the money didn’t count.

Everyone cast their votes…and no surprise the Golden Girls won 7-2.  The Red Sprinkles are already planning their revenge!   My thanks to Lisa for being a good sport… and especially for taking most of the cupcakes home to her husband and two sons. : )

Our Cupcake War
December 30, 2009

My daughter Ally watched a show called Cupcake War on the Food Network. (The adorable girl above was part of the competition. Click here for her website.) Here is the woman who won

and you can click here for her website.

So Ally got it in her head that we were going to have our very own cupcake challenge. She and my infamous cousin Lisa are on a team and my mother and I are on a team.  The competition is Wednesday night. My dad and son Zach are the judges. I’m open to any advice out there!!!!!

Last Chance to See Lincoln
December 28, 2009

If you’re looking for something to do over the holiday….  here’s a suggestion:  Go to the History Center and check out Lincoln: The Constitution and The Civil War and Lincoln Slept Here.

It’s leaving January 3rd so you only have a week left to check it out!

I’m sure many of you have out of town visitors you’re  looking to entertain.  Of course, admission to see the Lincoln exhibit includes all six floors of the History Center (and Sports Museum!).

Here’s some info. from the website:

The exhibition details how Lincoln’s momentous struggle to save the Union transformed our nation, the Constitution, and himself. It focuses on several key struggles that Lincoln dealt with during his presidency, including secession, civil liberties, and slavery, while examining Lincoln’s success in saving the nation. During this time, Lincoln struggled to maintain his family, his sense of humor, and his health.

Visitors will get up-close-and-personal with key Lincoln artifacts, including:

  • Rare original copies of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment
  • Printed copies of Lincoln’s first and second inaugural addresses
  • Lincoln’s bed and bedroom set from Pittsburgh’s Monongahela House hotel
  • Life masks and rare photos documenting the toll of the Civil War and his presidency
  • Lincoln’s well-worn writing desk, complete with the President’s scribbles
  • A handwritten note to Secretary of War (and former Pittsburgh attorney) Edwin Stanton on the status of “colored troops
  • A rare presidential campaign button featuring Lincoln and vice presidential candidate Hannibal Hamlin
  • Lincoln’s famous top hat

Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War and Lincoln Slept Here shows how Lincoln shaped the nation through dozens of artifacts, more than 100 photographs, and a variety of interactive activities where visitors can:

  • Experience a fast-paced video showing America on the brink of war that will help visitors understand Lincoln’s world-changing decisions
  • Stand alongside Lincoln and hear his first inaugural address from 1861
  • Decide whether or not to vote for Lincoln in the 1864 presidential election as part of an interactive computer polling station
  • Look inside a recreated jail cell and decide the fate of prisoners based on their crime

If you wait until this weekend… they’re doing a nice little promotion called “See Lincoln for a Lincoln” ($5 admission) campaign throughout the final weekend (Sat., Jan. 2 and Sun., Jan. 3).

It’s Snowing!
December 19, 2009

My kids woke me up at 7:30 this morning so they could go outside and play in the snow!  I made them grab the shovels first. LOL!  You’ll especially enjoy toward the end when I “shush” them so they wouldn’t wake the neighbors!

If you have photos or videos… you can post them on our website. We might even use them on our newscast!  It’s easy and free. Click here to get started.

Morning Show Diary
December 3, 2009

I am filling in for Kelly Frey on the Channel 4 Action News This Morning until she comes back to work in January.  Please watch if you’re up that early.  It’s great to hang out with Mike and Demetrius and Scott… they are fun, great at their jobs and wonderful people. That said, I still plan to make fun of them every chance I get!  But right now I plan to get my kids off to school and take a quick nap before heading back to anchor my regular newscast. Let me know if there’s something you’ve always wanted to know about the morning team… I’ll do my best to find out for you! (Scott Stiller makes the coffee in the morning and Demetrius and I fight over the temperature in the studio….. I’m convinced he is the superhero Iceman.)