Ankle Replacement Options

Baby boomers listen up:  You’ll want to hear the story of James Costello.  He is showing my photographer Terry Connell the result of his total ankle replacement surgery. (Click here to watch my report and  Click here for Dr. Stephen Conti’s contact information at Allegheny General Hospital.)

A procedure piloted here in Pittsburgh 13 years ago by Dr. Stephen Conti is allowing patients to still have full range of motion. The traditional fix was called fusion surgery and takes away a lot of the patient’s mobility. Dr Conti is the Director of the Division of Foot and Ankle Surgery at Allegheny General Hospital. He says the need for such surgery is growing as baby boomers are more active and want to stay active into retirement.

Mr. Costello told me his bad ankles forced him to quit his job as a pipe fitter and quit coaching youth football.  But after this total ankle replacement he’s doing well and has joined a gym and spends as much time on the golf course as possible.

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