Saving Money / Fighting the Ice

This snow is RIDICULOUS.  My front storm door was iced-over again this morning… so I had to open the kitchen door which had four feet of snow piled up against it… and climb my way out around to the front of the house and pour salt and chip away. Nice way to wake up this morning.  I haven’t found any professionals to plow my driveway yet… but they’re worth every penny right now! And here’s what Meteorologist Erin Kienzle wrote on Twitter this morning: As of now 39.6″ of snow this MONTH alone. Once we hit 40.2″, February will go down as the SNOWIEST MONTH ON RECORD.


Ok… Let’s talk about something more fun now: SAVING MONEY! I did a story last week on two local moms who’ve developed a website to help you save money. It’s called Living Pittsburgh and I think it’s a great idea…whether you’re forced to save money or just want to do the same things for less money! Click here to get to their website.  Heather and Rachel  both gave up their careers to stay at home with their children. That’s when they needed to cut back on how much they were spending and now they want to share all of their findings with you.  In addition to helping you find great deals on everything from restaurants to clothes to events…. it’s also a great place to go to get some ideas of fun nights out.  The page is set up to make it easy  to find what you’re looking for  either by food or events or special occasions … or even by neighborhoods. My thanks to Heather and Rachel for a fun story and a lot of great ideas!

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