John Grisham & The Innocence Institute

Meeting best-selling author John Grisham was a thrill.  I’ve read six of his books so I’m a fan.  But more importantly I had the opportunity to  meet Drew Whitley whose real life is much more chilling than any Grisham novel.

Click here to watch my report.

Drew served 19 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.  DNA evidence cleared him of the 1988 murder of a McDonalds manager in Duquesne.  Whitley is featured in an art show at Point Park University called “Resurrected.”  Local artist Daniel Bolick painted portraits of men who served time and later exonerated. The portraits are amazing…. the stories behind the faces are haunting.

Bolick, Grisham, and Whitley were  featured in a gala Wednesday night  to raise money  for the Innocence Institute at Point Park University headed by director Bill Moushey.  The group helps those in prison wrongly convicted of crimes. They are working on 14 cases in southwestern Pennsylvania now.

It’s so impressive that Grisham donates his time to help causes such as Drew’s.  (Grisham flew his own plane here just for this event) If you’d like to see the show, head to Lawrence Hall at Point Park University before April 2nd.

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