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5 Yoga Poses to Change Your Body
September 30, 2011

Jennifer Aniston’s longtime yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, shares five yoga poses to change your body. I’ll list the names for you … but for an explanation on how to do them click here.  She says just 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference!

1. Temple Pose

2. Chair Pose

3. Sun Salute

4. Tree Pose

5. Reclining Pigeon


Kitchen Organizing / Your Questions Answered!
September 26, 2011

Organization expert Meryl Starr answers your questions in this video!  I asked on Facebook for people to write in their questions about kitchen organizing and Meryl has great tips on how to make our time in the ‘heart of the home’ more stress free by making it more organized.  Thanks to everyone who wrote in …..  now Let’s Get Organized!

If you’d like to buy Meryl’s book called The Personal Organizing Workbook click here.

More Cruise & Family
September 25, 2011

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri stopped by one of my favorite places yesterday…. Soergel’s Orchard in Wexford.   He is in town filming the action thriller “One Shot” and will be here through the end of the year.  Here’s an adorable photo of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri together on Pittsburgh’s South Side. This time they stopped by The Milk Shake Factory.  My friend Darcey’s cousin took this picture and said they were very nice and gracious.  I love this picture! 

Stiller Steals My Camera!
September 23, 2011

Thanks to the Montour High School Marching Band for waking up early and joining us on Action News This Morning. What a great group of kids who looked and sounded fabulous! Scott grabbed my camera and captured the fun in our parking lot!


How Does He Do That……
September 22, 2011

I am impressed and confused all at the same time. Patrick McGuire is an amazing juggler from Pittsburgh. He’s now big-time with Cirquie du Soleil’s Quidam.  He was in town last week and went around to iconic Pittsburgh places to perform. Amazing!

First Day of the Rest of Your Life
September 22, 2011

I asked RAW owner Amy Butteri to give us all some extra encouragement when it comes to taking better care of ourselves. Listen to this video of our conversation.  She reminds us that it’s never too late to make important health changes …. and today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Newsroom No-Nos!
September 21, 2011


I’ve included three clips from our newsroom from different days to give you a glimpse into why it’s impossible to vow to eat healthy while at work LOL!!! Are your work environments like this? How do you deal with it?

Let’s Get Organized!
September 20, 2011

My friend Meryl Starr is an organizing guru. Seriously. She knows her stuff!  I’ve been with her on her missions and watched her whip a house into shape in no time!  With back-to-school stress in full swing, I thought this would be a great time to check in with her and get some tips.  When a home is disorganized it leads to stress.  She has tips on where to start, some cool gadgets to help, and how it will feel when we’re done.

Meryl lives in Manhattan and owns a company called Let’s Get Organized.  I chatted with her on Skype and recorded it to share with you! I learned in this conversation that I have too much stuff I don’t use getting in the way of what I use often — both in the kitchen and in my closet.  After this chat, I cleaned out the bottom of my closet and the coat closet.  It feels good.  Right now there are four bags of things in those two small areas that my kids have outgrown.  I’m going to donate the stuff tomorrow and hopefully someone else can use what we can’t.  More to come from Meryl.  If you have a question for her send it to me and I’ll include when I Skype with her again soon.

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Back to School Stress
September 19, 2011

We had an interesting story on our newscast this morning and I thought I’d share it again here.

Since school is back in session, many parents are stressing out.  There are so many things to juggle — Bedtime, homework, dinner, after-school activities, and more.  Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic have some advice to help out even the busiest parents.  They say if you’re having trouble getting a handle on the day, call a family meeting and discuss the responsibilities you and your children need to meet.  Also talk about time limits for things like computer use, games, and phone.  Also, lay down the groundwork homework.  Doctors say you can also put together a plan of what each day will look like and a schedule of how it should progress.

Dr. Scott Bea with the Cleveland Clinic said, “Try to create a structure, a schedule, so that these new tasks can be managed in a timely fashion with some allowance, some margin for extra space and recreation.”  He adds, “Keep that going and over the course of a couple of months you ought to see that become more of a routine with less upset in the household and from the kids as well.”

A recent study found it takes 63 days to form a new habit. So if you put together a schedule at the beginning of the school year and you’re still feeling some stress – just stick with it! Eventually it will become the new normal for you and your family! 🙂

We Can Do It!
September 18, 2011

For those of you joining me on my journey to better health,  how did you do this first week?  I did great!  I cut out all soda, granulated sugar, and white bread. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. And just concentrating on those three simple things didn’t overwhelm me or make me feel like I was on a diet.

I also LOVED the whole meal planning thing.  I was so relaxed all week knowing in advance what was on the menu each night… and even better,  there was no debating with my family what we should have.  The kids helped write it on the fridge at the beginning of the week and knew what to expect each night. No questions. No whining.  It eliminated a lot of stress for everyone. It also saved me money because there wasn’t a lot of waste. We just finished writing out our plan for this week.

I’m working with Betsy Moore of on a Busy Women’s Mealtime Makeover.  She gave us three breakfast recipes to make during this week.  Here is my photo of  the first one: Feta, Tomato and Broccoli Frittata. It was yummy and the left-overs will make a great thing to grab-and-go in the morning.  If you go to Besty’s website here you’ll find many of her wonderful meal suggestions!

This week there are two new items to add to our food challenge:  smaller portions.  With each meal I’m going to work hard to eat about 1/4 less than normal. That means using smaller plates at home.  And when I’m eating out to get half of it in a to-go box before it’s ever served to me.  The second thing is snack planning.  I need to be prepared at all times to snack on healthy things because there are always goodies floating around the newsroom tempting me!

I also started my exercise program last week.  I love Amy Butteri who is the co-owner of RAW.  She knows her stuff.  I wanted something I could do at home and something that wouldn’t cost anything.  So she started me off with the basics.

I set the clock for 15 minutes and in that time I did five push-ups, ten sit ups, and fifteen squats. I would continue repeating that sequence until 15 minutes was up.  It was much harder than I thought! But I’m hanging in there!  I brought my video camera along to capture exactly what Amy wanted me to do so I could share it here.   Join in if you’d like…. just make sure you check with your doctor before starting any exercise program!  Watch this video I shot…. you’ll love her energy! Or click here to get to her website.

Amy also brought in some clients to give us a pep talk on getting started and I’ll be posting their personal stories and their encouragement to us this week!

Right now, I’m baking a lamb roast which is making my tummy growl.  And I’m cooking some Quinoa (for the first time) on the stovetop for some breakfast bars which include almond butter and cranberries. Sounds wonderful.  And I’m also doing laundry and helping with homework (don’t ask why we always wait until Sunday evening to tackle weekend homework!) I’m also wondering what I should do about two raccoons that were on my deck this morning.  That creeps me out thinking about heading off to work before the sun comes up!  Life can be overwhelming … and that’s why I had a Skype conversation with an organizing expert. Tomorrow I’m going to post my video chat Meryl Starr of Let’s Get Organized.   She is a genius at getting the house in order to eliminate stress. Sounds perfect for me! I’m asking her about where to start when it comes to organizing my home.  She has great advice!  I’ll post that Tuesday morning.

Have a wonderful week and for those of you joining me on this journey.. .please email me and let me know how you’re doing!


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Should Have Known Better!
September 16, 2011

I never should have invited Demetrius to give us a tour of the weather center. I should have known something like this would happen!


Demetrius’ Chilly Weather Romance Tips
September 16, 2011

Romance tips from Meteorologist Demetrius Ivory. How to use his chilly forecast to warm the heart of your love interest. 😉

Stiller on PGH Drivers
September 15, 2011

What drives Traffic Watch 4’s Scott Stiller most crazy about PGH drivers? Watch our conversation! 🙂

Grape Squashers
September 14, 2011

Sports anchor John Meyer talks about Coach Mike Tomlin’s “we were grape squashers” LOL.

Send us your favorite quotes from Coach Tomlin (John calls them “Tomlin-isms” !!!

Belly Fat
September 13, 2011

This is my conversation with Dr. Marc Itskowitz from Allegheny General Hospital about belly fat.  It’s more dangerous than other types of fat.  If you gain weight around your stomach you are twice as at-risk for heart disease and diabetes and even some cancers.  He says just dropping five or ten pounds can mean a major health improvement. So get moving!

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