Truth in Advertising

Have you heard about the huge crackdown on advertisers? The United States is following Britain’s lead and starting to ban companies from digitally manipulating photos in order to sell products. It’s all part of truth in advertising. 

The UK banned a Lancome ad featuring Julia Roberts for excessive photoshopping.  We’ve all seen the beautiful smile of Julia Roberts often and it was easy to see that she was photoshopped into something that looked more like a mannequin. While her skin is flawless …. it also appears as if it could melt if the room temperature reached 80 degrees. 

Now the US is cracking down as well.  The National Advertising Division banned a Covergirl ad with 22 year old Taylor Swift.  Apparently, the company was asked about enhancing the lashes in post production while trying to sell NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara. Technically the NAD didn’t ban the ad ….. it never got that far. Once the agency started asking questions Covergirl pulled it.  NAD asked about the accuracy of the photo and asked Covergirl to substantiate claims that it created “2X more volume” and is “20% lighter than competing brands.” When those questions came in, the ad disappeared. 

 Maybelline also came under fire for a similar photoshop issue in which the company allegedly misled consumers by using photoshop to remove Christy Turlington’s dark circles while trying to sell an anti-aging product called “Eraser”.

As a woman on TV I know how much pressure there can be about hair and makeup and clothes. As a mother to a beautiful 11 year old I don’t want enhanced photos to make her lose one ounce of self esteem!

This might be just the beginning and may lead to more advertising bans which include those that slim down women in order to sell products. Just imagine how that will change our view in the grocery store check out line!

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