3 Ways to Save on Prescription Drug Cost

No matter if you’re rich or poor or somewhere in between, you can get financial help paying for your medication!

1) Ask your doctor for a voucher. 

Drug companies give these vouchers to doctors to help you and all you have to do is ask.  It’s in an effort to compete against generic brands but because of that generic drugs do not qualify.

2) Ask your pharmacy for discount coupons. 

There’s a good chance your pharmacist has a stack of coupons which are also provided by drug companies to help you.

3) A website offers additional help.

Click here to get to a website called NeedyMeds to get additional ideas for help paying for your drugs.

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This is a great time to talk about this because for many people it’s a tough time of year to pay the bills.  Credit cards bills are extra heavy with all those Christmas purchases and heating bills are higher than normal, too.  To get through, lots of people don’t fill their prescription medication because they can’t afford the co-pay.

Those three ways can drastically reduce or even eliminate co-pay costs, which may come as a relief for those struggling to make ends meet. Ashley Boynes-Schuck uses these programs and she shared her story with me in hopes of helping others.

“I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis in all of my joints since I was 10 years old, and I’m now 28,” Boynes-Schuck said.

At one point, Boynes-Schuck had to take 20 pills a day because her condition evolved into several other health problems. The extra problems evolved into drug costs that were so high she thought she had no choice but to stop filling her prescriptions.

“If I knew there was something out there to help me get them at a more affordable price then I totally would have taken advantage of that,” .” Boynes-Schuck said. “But at the time, I didn’t know.” She eventually learned there are several programs in place to help with the cost of medicine and there are no financial restrictions.

“I understand that these medications are expensive, and it’s important to save money any way you can,” said Dr. Fotios Koumpouras, medical director of The Lupus Center of Excellence at West Penn Allegheny Health System.

Koumpouras said patients should first ask their doctors about a voucher. Drug companies provide the vouchers to doctors to give their patients for certain brand-name drugs.

The two restrictions for vouchers are that generic drugs are not included and patients on Medicare cannot use them. But the vouchers help bring the co-pay cost down, no matter how much money you make. The next step is to ask the pharmacy about a discount card program. This is also offered by drug companies to help with the co-pay cost and make drugs more competitive with the generic ones.

Finally, go to NeedyMeds.org where you can find help.

“The trend of these has grown rapidly over the last year or two and offers a competitive edge to the medications that might be cheaper otherwise,” Koumpouras said.

While the vouchers aren’t available for all drugs on the market, about half of all name brand prescription drugs are included, so it’s worth checking out no matter what your income level!

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