My Interview w/ The Bachelor

The tears have been flowing and we are finally getting to see what is making all the women cry.  The bachelor airs Monday nights on ABC and  I had a chance to talk to Ben Flajnik (pronounced Flannick) all about it.  While I couldn’t get out of him whether he’d found true love on the show…. I did find out he has one love here in Pittsburgh!  He can’t get enough of our iconic sandwich at Primani Brothers!

He told me, “I love Primanti brothers my old college roommate was from North Allegheny in Wexford and I used to go back there for college winters actually.”

Now, Ben is a winemaker in Sonoma, California. He told me his sister signed him up on the Bachelorette (he proposed and she turned him down if you remember that) but ABC asked him to be the next Bachelor….. after thinking about it for a while he finally decided to go for it. He told me, “When an opportunity has presented itself like this it’s sort of a once in a lifetime deal so you have to, you don’t have to, but you almost have to say yes.”

As for all of those commercials showing all of the broken-hearted sobbing … he’s seeing all of that for the first time. “It is surprising a lot of that stuff I don’t see so I watch with America and I start scratching my head like oh man I missed that one!” he said.

Ben is very laid back and told me he tried to stay out of all that drama.  But he also admitted to me that juggling all those women was not easy…. he even called them by the wrong name while on individual dates!  I hope the show producers decide to show us how that went over!

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