The Wax Troy Polamalu

Honestly, it was a bit creepy.  Wax Troy looks exactly like Real Troy.  Freaky.

The gracious people at Madame Tussauds and sponsor Head and Shoulders brought this exact replica in wax of Troy Polamalu into the studio during our morning show to promote the fact Wax Troy is in town and making appearances at four places.

Here is video I took during the commercial break when they were wheeling him in:

You can get your photo with him, too! Here are the locations and times:

1/20/2012 Carson City Saloon 1401 E. Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 3pm-8pm

1/21/2012 Giant Eagle Store #8 200 Tarentum Bridge Road New Kensington, PA 15068 Noon-3pm

1/22/2012 1613 Saloon 1613 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15210 4pm-8pm

1/23/2012 All Star Sports Bar & Grill, Heritage Square 6302 Robinson Town Centre Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205 2pm-8pm

John Meyer talked with Adam & Brian who are responsible for Wax Troy. They told us only his head is made of wax… the rest is fiberglass. To travel, they take off his head and put it in a special container to protect it from damage. Thank goodness we didn’t get to see the beheading!

Watch to John’s interview:


Due to the length of Troy’s hair, Madame Tussauds had to specially order in extra long real human hair, in two different shades, which they then permed to achieve the exact curl Troy has in his hair

· The team at Madame Tussauds had to use almost double the amount (600g) of hair than any other Madame Tussauds’ wax figure, ever! It took 4 weeks to insert a maximum of four (individually) into each hole.

· A tape measure was used to get the exact length when cutting Troy’s hair to get it the same as it was at the sitting, which is hard considering three different curls had to be used.

· The hair used for his hairline is much softer than that used for the rest of his head. It took an extra three days to insert the hairline, one hair at a time to match his exactly

And if you haven’t already seen it… this video is hilarious. When Wax Troy was unveiled the Real Troy played some fantastic pranks on people getting their picture taken. Watch as Wax Troy comes alive!

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