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They say laughter is the best medicine …..   and there is some science that tells us that old saying has some merit!  Did you know there are laughter coaches?  Experts in the art of laughter.  

Julie Ann Sullivan is a local Certified Laughter Leader (CLL).  Yes. There’s really a certificate for teaching people how to laugh!  These sessions aren’t based on humor or jokes …. but instead how to create true meaningful laughter from within.

Steve Wilson, a licensed psychologist and Karyn Buxman, a registered nurse, created The World Laughter Tour, Inc. in 1998. Together with their combined expertise and experiences they created the foundation for the Laughter Workshop experience. There are now over 6,000 Certified Laughter Leaders around the world!

“There are many documented benefits of laughing out loud, ” Julie Ann told me.  “Spontaneous laughter has been shown to reduce stress, increase attentiveness and lower your cholesterol, just to name a few.”

“People who laugh together in the workplace find heightened creativity and productivity.  Connecting through laughter allows people to work together with more synergy,” she added.

Perhaps, that’s why I love working with the crew on Action News This Morning.  We laugh a lot together. 🙂

Julie Ann explained that to create a new habit, you need consistency and repetition, so she recommends that you experience 4 to 6 Laughter Workshops before their concepts become a part of your daily life.  Her sessions include a warm-up which involves breathing exercises.  The voice is readied by practicing different “H” sounds.  Once the audience is prepared, Julie Ann begins the laughter exercises. After that shares “Good Hearted Living”© which is a technique to carry the good feelings you experience in the workshop into your everyday life.

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Julie Ann says employing laughter for your mind, body and soul changes your perspective, improves how your body functions and above all makes you feel good!   Julie Ann gave me permission to repost some of her workshops tips ….. Here’s the first on on gratitude:

Thanks Julie Ann for sharing these thoughts!

Gratitude –You Can Never Have Too Much

I awoke this morning thankful to see another day.

If we take the time, we all can think of things to be thankful for, but do we?

The more we express our gratitude, even to just ourselves, the better our attitude will be toward all circumstances in life. A recent article in Scientific American Mind, states that showing gratitude can increase your own happiness by as much as 25%.   

When you open your eyes in the morning remember that there are those who thought they would receive the gift of a new day, but did not. 

So many of us actually live in ABUNDANCE, but without the keen sense of gratitude that concept may not be clear. I look at what I consider basic needs to initiate my barometer of abundance. Take clean drinking water for instance. For most of us, when we are thirsty, we need only turn on the water in a sink to quench our thirst.  Food is a basic need.  Just think of how much food we throw away and waste while over 33 million people starve to death each year.

When you awaken to that precious new day, are you in a bed, with sheets, blankets and pillows?  Did you have new pajamas to put on before you climbed in the night before? Did you even think about the security you have in your house or the fact that you have heat to keep you warm while you dream?   Many of these comforts go unnoticed by us while others sleep in refugee tents for decades. 

I have proclaimed this my year of gratitude. Every day I strive to remember all that is good in my life. When I take the time and intensify my senses, the gifts in life are overwhelming. 

I challenge each of you to do some brain training and find all you have to be thankful for each day. The world will be a better place for each of our efforts.

More Gratitude = Better attitude


Thanks for sharing Julie Ann!

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